Dream Poster: New York Times Article Addressing Autism

September 18, 2011[ssba]

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Autistic and Seeking a Place in an Adult World

Autistic and Seeking a Place in an Adult World - Click to view larger image


AMY HARMON, Autistic and Seeking a Place in an Adult World, September 18, 2011

Justin Canha, a young artist with autism, prepares for life as an independent adult. Links to special features with Mr. Canha and his art can be found in the article text.

My former studio mate, Jillian McDonald, recommended that we read this wonderful feature article in the New York Times about Justin Canha, a former student of her’s at Pace University. Having an interest both in Autism (a close friend of mine has a son with severe autism) and cartoons, it was the perfect blog post for this brisk fall Sunday!

In the article, AMY HARMON, describes a dream poster that Justin Canha creates. Using the idea of his poster as a template, Justin’s path to independence is outlined as the highlights are revealed through the story.

There are several links in the article to both interviews with Justin and his art work. While exploring his website, I found this Animated Cartoon Time line. I think those of you intrigued by in folk art, cartoons, animation, sketchnotes, and visual facilitation alike will find it of interest!