Zen and the Art of Photography

January 24, 2011

Last week my friend, Douglas Beasley, hosted a workshop titled Zen and the Art of Photography at the Open Center here in New York.  Doug’s fine art photography explores how the sacred is recognized and expressed in everyday life. In the workshop, he spoke through his practice, introducing to us how he integrates a spiritual path with his practice of photography. Through a slide lecture of his beautiful photographs and a open group discussion with 30 other photographers in the room, he showed us how photographs can act as prayer-like offerings or as departure points for our visual journeys. I […]

ImageThink Video Production

January 20, 2011

Nora Filming on Set Today Nora is working with a client with their in house studio production team to create a time-lapse video for the upcoming event.  This was an exciting process! The RSA-like project began with our clients sharing their vision and information with ImageThink. Over the course of a conversation with the art director and communications team, we determined that we would create 40+ sketches to storyboard the video. Several versions later, we sketched in the final images and headed to their mid town offices.  There we met the crew and prepared for a long day of filming. […]

MUSIC PAINTING – Glocal Sound – Matteo Negrin

January 18, 2011

Artist Alice Ninni illustrates Matteo Negrin’s idea of combining music with a political story. Luce Cattanneo co-wrote and edited the film. Beautiful use of graphics to scribe this issue and remind all of us “city folk” to appreciate nature. Thank you to our dear friend, Robin Brooking for bringing this to our attention!

NPR, Android, and ImageThink

June 10, 2010

Heather from ImageThink stars as “the female hand” in this Android App promotional video for NPR! Graphic recording videos make great company video ideas! One of the first things people ask us when they see us work is if create animated videos. The popularity of this medium for graphic recording has exploded in the last few years, proving an incredibly effective tool for capturing attention and connecting with your audience. While many people are now familiar with the  particular style of animated video popularized by the British institution RSA Animates, there are many different styles of animated videos out there. With […]

What Is Graphic Recording?

June 7, 2009

Graphic recording is the real-time translation of conversations or presentations into text and pictures. Graphic recorders do three things simultaneously: they listen for key ideas, synthesize them, and document them in visual form.  Oftentimes captured with marker on large scale boards or paper, graphic recording gives meeting and conference attendees an opportunity to absorb content on a visual level. An experienced graphic recorder uses visual facilitation to reinforce the speaker’s content, clarify complex problems, and organize collective ideas. The end result is a visual map of key insights that can be reflected on and shared post event. Learn more about who and why our clients use Graphic Recording in our Graphic Recording quick guide