Get Visual With Your Team! Graphic Facilitation Workshops and ImageDrink

July 25, 2017

Outside The Box Results Require A Creative Approach; Graphic Facilitation Workshops Can Help The best leaders recognize that creativity is a crucial asset for productivity and long term success. If you’re reading this, then you probably do, too. While business “smarts” and creative practices are often painted as being at odds, at ImageThink we believe that they go hand in hand. Visual thinking and graphic facilitation has the power to improve brainstorms, clarify action items, and boost collaboration—all with a marker and white board. But don’t take our word for it; through graphic facilitation workshops, we’ve partnered with clients like Google and IBM to give leaders and decision makers […]

ImageDrink – Drink and Draw – July Edition!

July 24, 2017

Comics Jams, Drawing Conga Lines, and Beer and Wine: What’s Not To Like? Get some shelter from the dog days, meet new faces and break the ice with drawing games that will get your creative impulses firing. Berg’n will keep the drinks flowing, and ImageThink will provide the drink and draw supplies and activities, which will involve team play, improv and some puzzle solving. 7-9pm, at Berg’n (899 Bergen, between Franklin and Classon), $12 admission (admission covers free drink ticket and supplies for the evening)

Stick Out (In a Good Way): A Quick Guide to Engaging Event Attendees

July 10, 2017

  Conference fatigue is real. Especially for those whose jobs require them to call tradeshow booths home, and whose commute time is marked not in subway stops, but by plane rides.   But the success of a conference depends on its ability to stand apart, break expectations, and find moments of human connection amid the hustle and bustle. Whether you’re hosting an internal conference or designing a tradeshow booth, it takes careful planning to make it a success.  Here are a few ways we can help.   1) Go Viral to Set The Stage for Success Successful conferences start long before event day. […]

Brainstorming The Beach: ImageThink at Cannes Lions 2017

June 26, 2017

Visualizing a New World in Healthcare Last week, Cannes Lions Health brought together the best minds in healthcare, creative advertising, and industry trends. The goal?  To spark meaningful discussion on the future of these industries in the face major shifts in technology that are shaping our world. ImageThink hosted and graphic facilitated the Unconference Zone at Cannes Lions Health, shaping meaningful discussions and leading participants to tangible insights that popped off the page.  During the two days, we guided conversation and visualized perspectives as diverse as the think tank participants. Insights came in from CMO’s, creative directors, influencers, and brands.  Their voices represented dozens of […]

Big Brainstorms, Better Health, at Cannes Lions

June 12, 2017

Picturing a Healthier World, at Cannes Lions Health On June 17th and 18th, ImageThink is partnering with Lions Health at Cannes Lions in the Unconference Zone.  Whether you’re a healthcare professional, a creative partner, or a tech wunderkind, we look forward to picturing your big ideas at Lions Health. Swing by the UnConference Zone, where we will facilitate four interactive Think Tanks: Brand Reputation, Talent, Digital Disruption, and the Future of healthcare. We can promise vibrant discussion and meaningful connections as you see your ideas drawn into action around content that matters to you most. Setting The Record in Men’s Health Cannes Lions is […]