Digital Time Lapse: Freakonomics’ How To Become Great At Just About Anything

August 30, 2016[ssba]

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ImageThink’s new digital time lapse Freakonomics video: How To Become Great At Just About Anything

Images pack more punch than text. Research consistently shows that companies are investing more in visual assets, and there’s a good reason why.
Are you building hype for an upcoming event? Imagine custom made visuals for social media, that will keep your engagement relevant and fresh to your audience. Do you need an engaging way to tell your company’s story? An animated video could clearly lay out your vision and amplify your brand’s voice.

 Your audience will see how different ideas come together to form the big picture, as well as the steps it takes to execute it and what it means for them.

Set to music, these 15-30 second videos reanimate the illustrations to share the breadth of content in a fraction of the time.

See an example of our time-lapse video here.