Go High Tech with Digital Graphic Recording

September 21, 2016[ssba]

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Digital graphic recording has been gaining popularity over the past few years. It is a perfect fit at large conferences where general sessions might seat up to 10,000 attendees. With auditoriums this size, visibility and impact is key. Projected on movie-screen scale, or 180 screens, digital recording allows every attendee in large venues to experience the live visual summaries created real-tiime as keynote speakers present.

While consumer products like ipads can offer digital drawing- the constant zooming in and out required to work can disorient and nauseate and audience. Spearheaded by our Director of Creative Services, ImageThink researched, invited in experts, and tested a wide variety of high tech hardware and software. We engineered a custom set up that delivers high-quality graphic recording visuals with a seamless viewing experience for the audience with maximum impact. Attendees experience a magical, engaging visual experience and the large scale of the visuals renders them even more powerful.



  • Impress your clients with a tech-forward, streamlined service that can meet the scale of your event
  • Switch seamlessly between presenters’ slides and ImageThink’s visual capture–on the same screen
  • Tweet our digital meeting illustrations out in real time
  • Bring employees or clients unable to attend into the mix by broadcasting the digital graphic recording to virtual attendees
  • Integrate the conference or sponsors logos and design directly into our live visual capture

Digital graphic recording allows us to stand out , in addition to analog route, helps set us apart at ImageThink from the crowd, as we constantly seek to innovate for our clients.

Interested in having digital graphic recording at an event? Watch how we draw crowds at conferences and tradeshows?

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