Graphic Recordings of 2014 SXSW Interactive Festival

ImageThink's visual towers built from SXSWi talks

SXSWi attendees touring ImageThink’s 3-D towers

Wow! SXSW Interactive 2014 was packed to the brim with exciting talks and insights from speakers such as Chelsea Clinton, Adam Savage, Austin Kleon, Anne Wojcicki and Dr. Neil Degrasse Tyson. Need a little help remembering some of their best talking points?

Check out our SXSWi Graphic Recording Gallery of the 50+ dynamic SXSWi presentations Team ImageThink created. Our SXSWi Graphic Recording Gallery can also be found on our Facebook as well!

Featured in the Wall Street Journal’s ‘Moments that Stood Out’ at SXSW Interactive 2014, ImageThink provided rapid-fire, quick-witted visual notes to accompany the innovative talks of SXSWi:

” Considering the chaos, I found the work of ImageThink to be that much more impressive. The New York-based company is the official “graphic recorder” of SXSW. At each of the biggest sessions, an ImageThink artist stood off to the side of the stage with a giant blank canvas and, in real time, recorded the conversation in a combination of words and pictures.

The artist would pick out the biggest themes and the catchiest quotes, so that by the end of each event, there was a giant illustration summing up what the audience just heard. After Edward Snowden’s webcast appearance Tuesday, the ImageThink board had drawings of a padlock, a security camera and a knight in armor surrounded by text, combining to convey the respective themes of security, surveillance and protection.

Unlike a tweet, which captures one snippet of an idea, an ImageThink board gathers all of the ideas and then creates a connection between them, said Nora Herting, principal and founder of ImageThink. And, more so than a blog post with text, the illustrations help visual learners remember themes.

“Being able to have a visual cue to go along with the idea creates a stickiness in people’s minds,” said Herting, which helps to combat the “information overload” at SXSW.

– Elizabeth Holmes

With so many fantastic concepts shared at SXSW this year, our own minds are still a-buzz with tech ideas. From connected cars, to interactive wearable sensors, to the future of cyber security and the continued growth of DIY culture in the tech sphere, there is a lot on the digital horizon to be excited about!

What were some of your favorite moments of SXSWi 2014?

1800059_10152267628267320_768015450_oThank you everyone for your support and enthusiasm at SXSWi 2014! We couldn’t be more honored to have been there to capture the insights and share the learnings back with you!

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