How to Create a Visual Résumé

January 17, 2013[ssba]

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Every job applicant wants to have a unique resume, something to stand out from the pile. One fantastic way to give yourself an edge is to create a visual résumé instead of, or as a supplement to a more traditional one!


Visual résumés are catching on in a big way. There are now several web-based apps that will turn your professional details into a slick-looking infographic. This provides a provides an overwhelmed HR person or prospective employer an easily-digestible narrative of your experience through a visually appealing resume. Some tools for creating infographic-style résumés:

Designed or Illustrated

Another option is to create an illustrated résumé. This works well if you’re an artist and designer (or can afford to hire one!) to imbue your CV with some personality using strong typography and graphics.

Artists like Seamus Liam O’Brien — whose visual résumé is pictured above — goes one step farther and make his CV an artwork in its own right, showcasing his sign painting talents by drawing the entire thing! Click here to learn more about his vintage-circus inspired fine artwork.

For more  inspiration to create your own hand-drawn or illustrated résumés and CV’s, check out our board on Pinterest. and be sure to check out our blog to read more great content around graphic recording and how it can help you develop your career.