How to Draw a Zombie in 5 Easy Steps!

October 29, 2013[ssba]

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How to Draw a Zombie in 5 Easy Steps!

Learn how to draw a zombie step by step with ImageThink. While you try this zombie drawing, we’ve compiled some zombie trivia:

Did you know?

1.  According to zombie lore, the only way to kill a zombie is to damage its brain or cut off its head! Whap!

2.  A parasitic fungus, a species of Ophiocordyceps, effectively turns ants into zombies. A recent study found that the fungus can synchronize several ants to bite down simultaneously on the underside of a leaf and then die. The fungus then sprouts through the dead ants’ bodies.

3. The zombie-centric television show, The Walking Dead, received 12.4 million viewers for its season 3 finale becoming the most-watched drama series telecast in basic cable history!

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