ImageThink Visual Mural for IHP Witsend

June 2, 2011[ssba]

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ImageThink Interviewed and Synthesized Tradeshow Attendee’s Feedback into an evolving Illustrated mural for IHP Witsend at the International Hotel Groups Expo. This trade show video presents a time lapse of the event.

Looking for creative ideas to engage your conference attendees?

After years of graphic recording keynote presenters and the like, we wanted to find a way to capture the voices of those in the audience. Thus was born  ImageThink Social Listening Murals (, an innovative activation that engages attendees and stokes conversations between you and your audience.

 The concept of social listening is simple: engage your attendees with a provocative question. ImageThink illustrates their responses in real time.  Social Listening Murals are an audience call and response, and give you a focused space to interact with attendees on a one-to-one level with the added benefit of gathering their insights for future use.

The beauty of this interactive conference idea is you transform your audience into active contributors and show them that you care and value their insights by democratizing the conversation.  Social Listening Murals set a collaborative tone for your event and leaves participants with a unique, memorable experience.

Our social listening boards, visual summaries, interactive murals and display galleries spark on-site audience connection and conversation. And sharing these tactics on social media or back at the office keeps your event’s creative energy alive – and your message top-of-mind.