Make Conferences Interactive with ImageThink Social Listening

February 13, 2017[ssba]

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ImageThink graphic recording social listening walls create engagement at conferences. Graphic showing twitter birds in conversation around the words "social listening".


Looking for creative ideas to engage your conference audience? ImageThink Social Listening Walls are an innovative conference format that produce multiple levels of engagement. The idea is simple: you come up with question, we title your question up a board placed in a high traffic area, attendees give their answer & we draw it.  It’s audience recognition & participation, plus the added benefit of gathering insight around a topic that is important to your business, in a creative way.


ImageThink graphic recording social listening walls create engagement at conferences. Large black board with white words & pictures on it illustrating answers to the question "how will business evolve in the midst of the digital revolution?". Attendees of Infosys confluence tech conference offered their responses & ImageThink drew them up. Disrupt or be disrupted, harness internet of things, we will all be connected, agility will be the key to growth are among the contributions with fun infographics.

Does your conference have a hashtag? That goes on the board and encourages people to take video & photos to push out promotional content for your event. People respond to having their voice heard, when you focus on your audience it makes them feel special & creates a unique experience. This content creation comes directly from your fan base & provides an authentic validation of your event. The conversation continues on social media, as answers may also be sourced from your digital followers. We tweet out the question using the hashtag, and draw up those replies, photograph them & tweet them back out. Your conference will cause disruption in the physical & digital space.

Bb World 2016 conference female attendees taking a selfie with their contribution to ImageThink's social listening wall. The question is "How Do You Impact the World of the Learner?" Their answer is "Expose them to faculty expertise". The graphic recording behind them showcases conference engagement in answering the education question.

Let’s talk about selfies. Selfies may seem trivial, but they are basically a person documenting their experience through presence. Businesses should all be focused on creating the most positive user experience in everything that they do. What better way than to have your attendees take a selfie with their answer? They are proud someone values their input, and are excited to see it represented in such a creative way.


How do you make your social listening wall the most impactful? The most successful experiences are due to 3 factors: your question, the setting, and a dedicated engager.

Imagethink graphic recording social listening creates engagement at conferences. Webroot question, "What Does Next Gen Security Mean to You?" Illustrations of audience answers to the question. Fun drawings of robots, analytics, superheroes, firewalls, mobile, virus, crystal ball, cloud security, education.

The Question: We suggest a concise & bold question with many possible answers. The kind of question that is specific to your industry, but doesn’t require more than 30 seconds to come up with a unique answer. If a person has to take too much time thinking about it, they may lose interest. “What Does Next Gen Security Mean to You?” is a great example, it is specific but the responses it elicits are varied. You could even ask “What Does (insert your brand) Mean to You?” This is a great way to gauge how your brand is perceived, and identify areas you may want to focus your efforts in the future.


The Setting: Placing us in a high traffic area is key. Does your event have a social hub or lounge? Most conferences have a cocktail reception, which is an ideal environment to have a social listening wall. When people are relaxed, they are able to think more creatively. They are also more likely to participate in such a fun atmosphere. At Webroot, we were placed next to the dessert stand and it was a huge hit!


imagethink graphic recording social listening wall at bbworld 2016. Graphic Recorder Greta Hayes (right) engages an attendee with the question "how do you impact the world of the learner?". Large foam core display in background of attendees engagement in visual notes form.Dedicated Engager: Most events are so engaging that the biggest game changer is to have a member from our client’s team to assist us with getting responses. This dedicated engager is also essential to answer any questions attendees might have about your company. While we are drawing, we’d hate to miss the next person’s answer, the dedicated engager can talk to them & jot their answer down for us to draw up. We love to reach as many people as we possibly can.

imagethink graphic recording social listening wall at bbworld 2016. Large foam core accordion style wall display of conference engagement. 3 education themed questions and responses from attendees drawn up in fun infographics. The questions are "how do you impact the world of the learner?", "how do you use data?", and "what does learning look like in 25 years?". Learn from the insights, have the learner's best interests at heart, keep it fun, being a lifelong learner, put metrics around ROI, evaluate student retention, more visuals in learning, seamless tech integration are among the answers drawn up.

The possibilities are endless, we’ve gotten quite creative with our displays. Many conferences span multiple days, asking a new question each day is a great way to keep the ideas flowing and provide a fresh program. For Blackboard BBWorld, we went with a theme & the questions produced a literal evolution of ideas. For CRG Events Microsoft WPC, we had a freestanding wall in their social hub during the cocktail reception, which had a permanent feel to it. At Book Passage in the SF Ferry Building, we were setup outside their shop engaging customers and foot traffic to the farmer’s market. This felt like a real community experience & now the board is hanging up behind the register in the store.

Want to make your conference exciting? Contact us today and we’ll discuss how Social Listening can work for you!

Make Conferences Interactive with ImageThink Social Listening

Make Conferences Interactive with ImageThink Social Listening