Becoming an Ultimate Productivity Ninja

September 4, 2012[ssba]

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Recording the breakout sessions at this year’s New York Times Small Business Summit was a blast. Special thanks to our partners Amex OPEN Forum for bringing us in.

One of the most entertaining sessions was on becoming a “productivity ninja” in our busy and overcommitted times. Moderated by Jane Applegate, the panel featured several small business experts and their tips for staying sane and productive when there’s too much to do — especially in the arena of social media.

The panelists:

The panel conversation was recorded by Heather, and then retro-animated by Switch Video. The voice over focuses on three main points that the panel identified for increasing productivity.

  1. Organize your calendar into “in days” and “out days.” On “in days” you stay in the office, and focus on things like projects and paper work. On “out days,” you take meetings and run errands.
  2. Avoid checking email and social media feeds first thing in the day. Conserve your focus and do fewer things, more thoroughly.
  3. Chunk your time. Block out chunks of time for administrative tasks, content creation and social media engagement.

As a small business ourselves, we picked up a lot of great ideas for our own use. We hope to get the opportunity to go back next year and learn even more.