Adventures in Graphic Recording on the Samsung Galaxy Note

October 2, 2012[ssba]

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Mobile devices have precipitated a fundamental shift in how consumers search, access and share content. At the MultiScreen Summit, executives and content authors hashed out the issues related to creating content that can seamlessly move between phones, tablets, laptops and monitors.

ImageThink‘s own Wyn Wilson grappled with a new screen of her own. Instead of using our usual analog setup of markers on large foam-core boards, she performed the graphic recording for the Summit with a stylus on a Samsung Galaxy Note tablet with great results.

“The Galaxy Note tablet is lightweight and the stylus, called an s-pen is great for fine work,” she reported back. The image you see above is a visual narrative of the entire experience.

The sketchnotes she created were projected during the conference, and she also tweeted pieces of them as she drew. This gave attendees and anyone following the conference on Twitter a steady stream of pithy bits of content made visual.

Let’s hear it for Wyn — braving new frontiers in virtual graphic recording!