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Learn to use ImageThink’s creative workshop techniques in your own business.

Designed for senior leaders, designers, account leads and facilitators, ImageThink’s customized graphic facilitation training workshops help your teams define and express their ideas more powerfully and easily. (Our practical exercises get people out of their heads – and drawing on the walls.)

Imagine sharper leadership, and creativity and productivity that are off-the-charts. Your people learn to tell powerful stories, facilitate collaboration, manage team dynamics – and become more confident and cohesive leaders. Drawing activates the whole mind – sparking unexpected connections and innovative ideas that save time, and boost collaboration and efficiency through creative workshops.

After a presentation instead? Engage our founders Nora Herting and Heather Willems to speak about the power visuals have to help your business innovate and thrive.

How Ideas Come Alive


  • "We used the digital assests as an aide memoir, allowing attendees to review meeting highlights and idea flow."

    Barbara Murray

    Chief Creative Officer, LLNS

  • "It was a great way to bring out themes of the program for everyone to see over the 3 days. It was also unique and different way to share information for this group."

    Emily Nance

    Divisional VP, Global People & Organizational Development, Coach

We've Worked With

  • Chronicle Books
  • Rhode Island School of Design
  • Columbia University
  • Google