Visual Notes

Create Enduring Content

Engage people long after your live experience ends with enduring visual notes.

At ImageThink, we don’t just produce incredible visual notes on the day of your event – we create lasting assets that energize and engage audiences for months and even years, afterwards.

Sharing your message visually creates memorable moments that intrigue and inspire. Choose from digital content like vision boards, infographics, animated videos, or journey maps, or physical merchandise such as cards, sketchnotes, or books.

Expect increased reach and deeper relationships. Participants’ collaboration and excitement in visual note taking grows and lasts – helping you interact with more people, scale the size of your audience and improve impact.

How Ideas Come Alive


  • "It was a great way to bring out themes of the program for everyone to see over the 3 days. It was also unique and different way to share information for this group."

    Emily Nance

    VP Global Talent Management, BBA

  • "We used the digital assests as an aide memoir, allowing attendees to review meeting highlights and idea flow."

    Barbara Murray

    Program Manager, Duke CE

We've Worked With

  • Duke Corporate Education
  • George P. Johnson