Stick Out (In a Good Way): A Quick Guide to Engaging Event Attendees

July 10, 2017[ssba]

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 Engage conference attendees with ImageThink graphic facilitation

Conference fatigue is real.

Especially for those whose jobs require them to call tradeshow booths home, and whose commute time is marked not in subway stops, but by plane rides.  

But the success of a conference depends on its ability to stand apart, break expectations, and find moments of human connection amid the hustle and bustle. Whether you’re hosting an internal conference or designing a tradeshow booth, it takes careful planning to make it a success. 

Here are a few ways we can help.  

Waters Timelapse Video

Our timelapse promo for Waters Corp set the stage for valuable conversations that continued into and after the Pittcon event.

1) Go Viral to Set The Stage for Success

Successful conferences start long before event day. Social media campaigns build buzz for your conference or booth, set the tone for meaningful interaction, and create a cohesive branding for your organization.  With timelapse videos and tweetable infographics, you can be sure to make an impact on your client’s social feed, and start the conversation early. 

Take Waters Corp, for example. After exhibiting their products and services at the Pittcon laboratory exposition for several years, they needed a new way to make meaningful contact with their clients. With Pittcon2017 just around the corner, they turned to us for a full-scale activation. They hooked the online community with the infographic timelapse above, and continued the conversation onsite with our social listening boards.

imagethink social listening mural for waters corp

Waters Corp captured the hearts of customers and stoked valuable conversation with a social listening mural at Pittcon 2017.

2) Engage Your Audience with Social Listening Murals

Looking for a new way to spark conversation between your team and your attendees?  Social listening murals draw people in and keep them talking with you and your team.  

With the right question as a prompt, we’ve seen participants line up to see their answers illustrated in real time by our graphic recorders.  And in the meantime, your team has the perfect opportunity to both gather insights from your client base, and engage them in meaningful conversation.    

For Waters Corp, the impact of a social listening mural was palpable. With our timelapse promo setting the stage, Waters’ sales team kept the conversation going onsite with a social listening mural that asked attendees to remember the moment that inspired them to become scientists. 

The result? Real conversation between Waters and its clients that started long before and continued long after Pittcon itself.

imagethink digital graphic recording

For Politico’s Outside-In conference on the impact of innovative technologies on the healthcare system, they turned to ImageThink for digital graphic recording.

3) Break Into the 21st Century with Digital Graphic Recording 

Ready to engage and excite your audience at your conference with something different? Want graphic recording as sleek and tech-forward as you are? Digital graphic recording is your solution. 

Set your conference apart with an immersive visual experience that can scale to the size of an IMAX, or send your message to multiple rooms at once.   

Politico’s Outside, In focuses on the changing face of healthcare in the United States. It’s their job to be on the cutting edge, to anticipate changes in technology, and to understand how it will shape our world. No surprise, then, when they asked us to use digital graphic recording to capture the content of their discussions. Projected to screens at either side of the stage, our digital visuals clarified concepts like tele-health and and tailored care, keeping audience members engaged throughout the event.

Even better? Our digital graphic recordings create instant assets for sharing on social media, and can even be turned into timelapse videos.

imagethink increase conference engagement