Storytelling Tips & Tricks

October 24, 2013[ssba]

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Everyone’s a storyteller – whether it be in business world while pitching a new piece of work or in an entertainment content while presenting your stand-up routine!

Recently at ImageThink, Amanda Melnick and Virginia Montgomery attended a Storytelling workshop at our fantastic neighborhood locale, Brooklyn Brainery. Together they heard the presenter discuss his storytelling tips and other strategies for successful storytelling in and out of the workplace:

“There are three types of very effective stories in business:

– ‘Who I Am’ Story: Stories about your core values

– ‘What I’m Doing’ Story: Stories about your accomplishments

– ‘Where I’m Going’ Story: Stories of your vision for the future

Know your audience and deliver what you promise!

Good stories are detailed, honest, and personal.”

To learn other storytelling tips and insights from the StoryTelling workshop, please view our sketchnotes above.

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