Two Visual Guides to Summer Cooking & Grilling

July 10, 2012[ssba]

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You’re looking at the sketchnotes of a recent Fresh Air episode  with Bridget Lancaster and Jack Bishop of America’s Test Kitchen on summer cooking and summer grilling. The cast members of the popular PBS summer grilling cooking show shared lots of helpful hints and recipes for summer favorites like chilled soups and ideas for twists on old classics — like adding Indian spices to your potato salad.

Bishop pointed out that most of us overcook corn on the cob, which today is bred to be so sweet you could almost eat it raw. He also had this tip for removing the sometimes sticky husk: “You lop off the first row of kernels from the stalk end — the part that was attached to the plant — and then throw the whole thing into the microwave, and 30 seconds later, you can slide both the husk and the silk [off].”

Live to summer grill? Then you’ll want to also zoom in on this graphic recording we did for Chef Tim Love‘s Grilling Masterclass at an All-Clad event. Love has spent his entire career in Ft. Worth, Texas — he speaks meat. Click on the image below to get Chef Tim’s blow-by-blow for everything from chicken to elk.

Kelly Kingman

The image at top is the handiwork of our newest ImageThink team member: Kelly Kingman. We serendipitously met Kelly a couple months ago at the 99% Conference in New York City. She has a pretty multi-faceted background that includes art, design, online marketing — even a stint as a restaurant critic.

As a long-time sketchnoter and visual thinker, Kelly was looking for a way to apply these talents in her work — it was a perfect fit. She recently joined our team to both support our marketing efforts and become our graphic recording apprentice.

So in between your summer recipe barbecues, watch this space for more scribing and drawing from Kelly.