SXSWi 2016 Recap: Brene Brown + Amanda Enayati

April 8, 2016[ssba]

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We’ve been graphic recording at SXSW for 6 years, scribing nearly 350 talks, and Brene Brown was the best keynote we have EVER heard! This year, a big theme throughout the conference was storytelling. Brene Brown went through different stages of this internal and external form of communication that truly engaged the audience.

  1. When you choose courage over comfort, you sign up to fall.
  2. Vulnerability is not a weakness, it is an accurate measure of courage.
  3. Writing your first crummy draft
  4. When you own your own story, you can write your own ending


Another inspiring SXSW Interactive talk was from Amanda Enayati called How Abundance Thinking Can Transform Your Career. As a “stress writer” Amanda told stories about dealing with hardships; from being a refugee to being diagnosed with cancer. She discussed how stress is a natural instinct for survival, but to use stress to accelerate growth. Post Traumatic Growth is a construct of positive psychological change that occurs as the result of one’s struggle with a highly challenging, stressful, and traumatic event. Turning a negative into a positive is one of the healthiest things we can do in our lives, and we loved being in attendance for this talk.


A common theme throughout the conference was about clearly visualizing your future. When you record your thoughts, you are able to become more aware and focused. We’re happy our new book Draw Your Big Idea fits in with all of the topics and trends, and acts as a tool to interpret events and behaviors in the world.

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