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Get Visual With Your Team! Graphic Facilitation Workshops and ImageDrink

July 25, 2017

Outside The Box Results Require A Creative Approach; Graphic Facilitation Workshops Can Help The best leaders recognize that creativity is a crucial asset for productivity and long term success. If you’re reading this, then you probably do, too. While business “smarts” and creative practices are often painted as being at odds, at ImageThink we believe that they go hand in hand. Visual thinking and graphic facilitation has the power to improve brainstorms, clarify action items, and boost collaboration—all with a marker and white board. But don’t take our word for it; through graphic facilitation workshops, we’ve partnered with clients like Google and IBM to give leaders and decision makers […]

Cheers to ImageDrink’s First Night at Berg’n!

October 14, 2016

  What does a Thursday night in Brooklyn look like for you? Looking for something to do with friends beyond the usual chat over a pint? Need an awesome date idea? Our team at ImageThink has you covered. We are passionate about using visuals to help our clients solve their business problems and draw out their big ideas. We decided to direct that same enthusiasm to creating a fun drink and draw community event that includes drawing, socializing, and maybe a few drinks. With that in mind, we (in partnership with Berg’n) launched ImageDrink, our new monthly drink and draw. We kicked off our […]