Summer Reading Pick: The Book of Awesome

June 21, 2012[ssba]

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What would you do if your marriage broke up, and then shortly after, your best friend took his own life? If you were Neil Pasricha, you would start looking for the smallest, everyday things in your life to be grateful for. Things like free drink refills and when cashiers open up new checkout lines at the grocery store.

It turns out that a little awesome can go a long way.

Pasricha initially turned to blogging as a way to reconnect with the positive side of his life in the midst of heartbreak. His blog,, grew from a personal journey of remembering the little joys of life to a touchpoint for millions — resulting in two best-selling books and now a journal and a calendar.

Pasricha spoke about his remarkable journey at Brightworks’ Innovation Day 2012. ImageThink did the graphic recording for the event, and captured the lessons Pasricha had to share about what he calls “four A’s of Awesome.”

  • Attitude – meeting challenges with a positive attitude makes growth possible.
  • Awareness – seeing the world as though we’re three years-old reawakens wonder and possibility.
  • Authenticity – having the courage to be ourselves so we can follow our hearts and feel fulfilled.
  • Alignment – the clarity of knowing your core values and aligning yourself (or your team) with them.

Summer is the perfect time to lighten up, to appreciate the simple joys of a ripe tomato and the uncomplicated pleasure of being in nature. That’s why Pasricha’s books — the Book of Awesome and the Book of (Even More) Awesome — kick off our summer reading picks. For a daily dose of awesome, follow Neil on Twitter.