The Power Of Non-Linear Thinking

November 15, 2016[ssba]

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From the cave paintings of altamira to graphic recording … by ImageThink

Visual thinking has helped lead to breakthroughs throughout human history and across industries. Last month, Nora and Heather spoke at The Atlantic‘s What’s Next event, and gave attendees the non-linear thinking tools to think visual like graphic recorders and break the bonds of convention.

This week, Heather’s article in Amex Open Forum lends more insight into how creative visual thinking can reshape your work and reinvigorate your team:

There’s a lot of pressure in the business world these days to be innovative—to “think differently.” But how do you create the kinds of conditions that help you come up with new ideas?

I’ll share a little secret with you about how artists do it: They don’t think linearly… They use non-linear thinking.