The Sporting Landscape

September 27, 2012[ssba]

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by Abbie Zuidema

Our good friend and collaborator, artist Abbie Zuidema, is HOT on the newsstand!

Over the past 3 years Abbie has been creating beautifully intimate watercolor maps of neighborhoods in various cities. Her work for this week’s Sports Illustrated is no differentAbove is image of her map tracking Baltimore and D.C.’s stadiums and landmarks in the magazine’s most recent issue.

Abbie rendered this map in such detail, you would never guess she had an unbelievably tight deadline. She wrote about the experience on her blog: “Concept, drawing, outline & color in less than 48 hours. With edits in between…I have never painted so fast in my life!”

Abbie plans to sell prints of the map in her Etsy store soon.