VWR International LLC

February 15, 2012[ssba]

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VWR International, LLC. A video created in conjunction with Ogilvy and ImageThink. Copyright of VWR International, LLC.

One of the first things people ask us when they see us work is if create animated videos. The popularity of this medium for graphic recording has exploded in the last few years, proving an incredibly effective tool for capturing attention and connecting with your audience. While many people are now familiar with the  particular style of animated video popularized by the British institution RSA Animates, there are many different styles of animated videos out there. With our video project partners, ImageThink can turn your company’s script into an entertaining, engaging visual narrative. Learn more about whiteboard videos, time lapse and animation on our Tell A Visual Story Services page http://imagethink-uat.ctpusdev.com/service/tell-a-visual-story-with-visual-facilitation/